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Finest motorcycle leather apparel & outerwear at a modest price

                    35 Years of brilliance


Designing safe and Elegant attire since 1985!



We have been the first choice for sourcing high quality performance motorcycle apparel, gear and  fashion outerwear for over 35 years. We are one of the world's leading manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer for leather, waxed cotton, and textile and casual gear.


We deliver to your doorstep, without you worrying about custom clearance or any other additional charges. 


We buy the best raw material directly from the source, guaranteeing compliance, and ensuring reduced costs. We have certified compliance and product safety specialists working in our team, who ensure that all CE requirements are met before the product is delivered by our customers.


"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and elegance


Interested in bulk purchase, dropshipping or private label? 



Please use the form below or contact us at 270-996-5022 for inquiries:

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